EDM Fashion: What to Wear & How to Wear It

Are you a complete newbie to the EDM show/rave scene, and don’t have the slightest where to start with outfit/costume planning? On the other hand, are you a seasoned show vet who jam-packs their schedule with festivals every weekend, with a walk-in closet devoted to the highest-end outfits? How about somewhere in between? Is outfit budgeting an issue? No matter your finances, gender, age, festival experience, and sense of style, it’s surprisingly not too intimidating to plan rave outfits & costumes accordingly. Raves and EDM shows are all about having fun, dancing, and bright lights and colors, so what you wear can make or break your concert experience.

As goes for everything clothing-wise listed below, the flashier/more eye-catching the better! You’ll be in an area where the only light sources may be strobes and lasers (though it’s all part of the experience), so go for colors and materials you’d normally not dress in in broad daylight. Bright or neon colors, reflective, metallic, glow-in-the-dark, UV, black light, and light-up clothes and accessories are all appropriate.

Here are some clothing/accessory recommendations for women and feminine people. 

-head: any type of LED hat or hood, LED sunglasses

-body/torso: bodysuit or top

-hands: LED rave gloves 

-bottom: skirt, shorts, long pants, leggings

Listed below are similar recommendations for men and masculine people.

-head: metallic or bright and eclectic sunglasses

-body/torso: tank tops are always in! particularly if they have a bold and bright design on them

-hands: again, LED rave gloves

-bottoms: glow-in-the-dark cargo/goth pants

For non-binary individuals (for everyone, actually, regardless of gender).

-Feel free to mix and match items from either gender category to make your outfit unique.

-Go wild with makeup (if that’s your thing) and try new color combinations. even better, perhaps try looks you would have never otherwise envisioned. Venture outside your comfort zone.

-Temporary hair dye, colored hair gel, or hair chalk can also add an extra pop of color to your hair.

Last but not least, there are quite a few footwear options available for festival attendants. Considering foot comfort needs to be highly considered with all the standing and dancing, it doesn’t hurt to buy good inserts for your footwear. Rave-appropriate shoes very in style; one of the most popular options is LED platform shoes. They could even have black light or glow-in-the-dark laces threaded in. Bright leg warmers are also a popular option for the girls (and feminine people) attending the event.

Regardless of your gender, wear an outfit that’s brightly-colored, lights up, is eye-catching, and is appropriate for both the season and your comfort level. Do all that, and you’re bound to have an epic time at your next (or first) rave.