Earring Designs You Must Have to Dazzle Every Occasion

Earrings define a woman’s face. They say it is the eyes that first draw attention to your face but right after that your earrings are what people notice. If you are wearing a pair that accentuates your face cut, goes well with your attire and suits the occasion; you have a winner on your hands. There are so many earring designs available today that women are often spoilt for choice the moment they open their jewellery box. There are some designs and styles that go well with a certain type of dress or are perfect for the occasion you wish to wear them on. Let’s give you an overview of some of them

  • Hoops

You have to be a diva from inside to carry these beauties with élan. Wearing hoop earrings is not everyone’s cup of tea as they are one of the most gregarious designs in earrings. Right from the size of a finger-ring to that of an oversized bangle, with hoops, it is always the bigger the better. In its smaller version a hoop is also called a baali and it is the preferred form of earring for young girls when they get their ears pierced for the first time. Hoop earrings have seen a lot of evolution.  From their size getting bigger, even the design has seen a metamorphosis. There is the full hoop, half hoop, hoops with hangings and pearl hoops. You can even pick the metallic hue of your choice from oxidized silver to rose gold to matt yellow.

  • Studs

They are the smallest design when it comes to earrings. Women who do not like hanging earrings or long earrings go in for studs. You can, however, go in for elaborate studs to match your traditional dresses or a simple diamond stud to pair with your office wear.

  • Ear cuffs

This design is the new kid on the block but has become extremely popular since its arrival. An ear cuff is generally worn over the ear where it sits with the support of the head and it is generally worn only in one of the ears. Floral patterns and animal patterns like dragons are some of the popular designs in this style. Ear cuffs are mostly flat and very lightweight. Another variant of the ear cuff has it being pinned at the top of the ear with a clip-on attachment.

  • Jhumkas

This is one style of earring that has even made it to the lyrics of quite a few popular Hindi songs. The sturdier one in this design is called the Jhumka while its petite cousin is called the jhumki. The design has a stud part that fits the earlobe with a small umbrella or dome that hangs down from it. You can have a single-layered jhumka or a multi-layer one. Jhumkas look great in both silver and gold and they have small golden or white pearls hanging from the dome which gives them a dainty look. Jhumkis go with dresses like suits while jhumkas are the perfect accessory to glamorize your saree or lehenga. Jhumkas sometimes feel quite heavy on the earlobe and you can attach a kanauti or an ear chain with it to take the extra weight off it. One end of the kanauti is attached to the jhumka while the other is pinned to the hair. These kanuatis are no less than a hair accessory as they come with small bells and elegant chains.

  • Danglers

These earrings are perfect for women with a rounder face and they instantly give you a chic and glam look.  They look perfect with off shoulder, bardot or v-neck dresses and tops. Danglers are also known as shoulder dust earrings when they are so long that they almost graze your shoulder. They come in designs that go well with western outfits and also in traditional designs meant to be worn with Indian dresses. Feathers, pearls, crystals, threads, and beads are used in danglers. Most danglers do not come with a screw and you can simply pass the wire through the ear piercing.

  • Chandbalis

Though chandbalis are a kind of dangler only they deserve a special mention because of the number of styles and designs that come in them. Shaped like a half-moon, chandbalis are embellished with kundan, polki and polki work and go well with traditional outfits. Chandbalis are a statement piece of jewellery and you do not need to wear a necklace with them.

  • Clip-on Earrings

Many women have several piercings in their ears while some shy away from getting even one. This however does not in any way lessen their love for earrings. Clip-on earrings come to the rescue in this case. Instead of a screw or a wire, these earrings have a clip that latches onto the earlobe. You can have any design you like in clip-on earrings.