Do These Before the Skirting Board Installation

Do These Before the Skirting Board Installation

You have a skirting board installation coming up and you are not sure if your house is ready for the appointment. You or the workers you hired are going to be in and out of the house working on the baseboard installation. So you have to make sure that you are prepared for what’s about to happen. Even for a minimalist modern skirting boards installation, here are the most important things that you should do first.

Measure and Plan in Advance

Taking the proper measurements and planning the installation are crucial. Whether you are doing the installation or have someone do it for you, take the time to do your own measurements. You have to start by measuring the wall where the skirting boards will be installed. Take into account any angles and corners or if there are irregularities in the walls. With the measurements, you can make a detailed plan which can help with cost estimation.

Prepare the Walls and Floors

You have to make sure that the walls or floors that you will be working on are clean, smooth, and free from any debris. If there are existing skirting boards and you want to have them replaced, then remove the old ones including any adhesive residue or nails. Add filler to holes or cracks and inspect for any damage.

Paint and Finish Before Installation

You do not like the paint and finish of the skirting boards so you choose to repaint or refinish them. You can do the same with the walls or floor that you will install it on. Pick your preferred color and finish. Painting the walls behind the skirting boards will help you achieve consistent color coverage.

Take Care of Visible Cables

If there are any visible cables and you want to achieve a clean and neat look, then hide them behind the skirting boards. If you don’t know how to call an electrician to do this for you. Or you can also ask the installer if this is part of their job. You have to be sure of the cable routes before they are permanently set in place. This will ensure a tidy and organized appearance.

If you’re unsure about the installation process or you lack the ability to do so, it is still best to consult a professional or hire an experienced skirting board installer. They can help with the installation process and do the project for you from start to finish.