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Choosing Standard Delivery Vs Tracked Delivery For Your Package

During their dispatch, tracking parcels was never this easy as all you have to do now is enter a particular string of numbers on the package tracking website, and the details of the box will be on your screen before you blink. And on the conventional side, if you choose a standard non-tracked delivery for your product, you get the least updates to confirm the parcel’s current location, making it hard than ever to wait for the package to arrive.

Tracked order is essential for high-value products to ensure that they are on the correct route and delivered intact to the customer. International deliveries raise higher demands of tracked packages to ensure that the parcel is not misplaced and is moving.

Package Tracking Software Solutions Used By Courier Services

Parcel tracking is based upon two primary technological tools: software solutions developed, especially for the purpose, and the hardware equipment that adds additional features to the เช็คพัสดุ for delivery. Tracking software is generally supposed to perform the following tasks

  • Linking certain information with a barcode and update it into the cloud database.
  • Updating the database with additional information at certain intervals regarding the parcel.
  • Creating and sending update messages to the customers and ecommerce stores
  • Customers and stores can use user API programs for live GPS tracking of a package.

Package Tracking Hardware Solutions At Certain Stages Of Dispatch

To เช็คพัสดุ location during its dispatch, you would notice a lot of hardware equipment involved. When you compare a standard delivery to a tracked order delivery, you would see various additional tools linked to the process; some of them are as follows.

  • A barcode printer machine to generate barcodes for pasting with the parcel.
  • Barcode scanner machines are required at all storage locations and final delivery locations too.
  • GPS systems installed in vehicles or along with many packages for real-time tracking.

How Is Information In A Barcode Maintained?

A barcode can consist of an ample amount of information regarding the parcel. For instance, sender’s and receiver’s details, order id, tracking id, etc., could be all received from a single scan. This information is updated at every stop during the dispatch, which is meant to be shared with customers as updates regarding their delivery.

During the dispatch, whenever a parcel reaches the storage unit, its barcode is read by the system and updated with the arrival time. Moreover, when it is dispatched from the location, the barcode is updated with the departure time until further updates.

Multiple Accounts Tracking Made Easy

An enterprise or an individual could be handling more than one account, and thus, managing all the accounts from one platform becomes more important. Therefore, several package tracking websites provide a one-click switch between multiple accounts. Also, these websites allow you to track orders from different postal services too, making multiple tracking easy.

If not for these platforms and tracking solutions, ecommerce stores would have faced problems keeping track of all their orders and managing accuracy and efficiency during delivery.