Check Out the Unique Engagement Ring Ideas for a New Start

Two most important days in a person’s life are the days he/she gets married and the day he/she gets engaged. Engagement is considered a stepping stone towards a radiant married life. While it is the best feeling of all, there’s nervousness and suspense. People give a lot of thought to the setting, the ambience, when it comes to the proposal. While it is a significant part of the proposal, choosing the right engagement ring is equally important and hence, can be quite a task! 

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting engaged, here are a few unique engagement ring ideas for you.

  • The magic of sapphire

Blue is a color which isn’t just appealing but is considered the most wearable color. Similarly, sapphire is a color that won’t let you down. It comes in several tones and shades, and is easily available too. It is the perfect choice for an engagement ring as it demonstrates elegance in a distinct manner. So, if your partner is a fan of the shade blue, this kind of an engagement ring is a pretty good idea. Atelier Lou wedding rings have some of the most sought-after designs, with unique properties and reliable quality.

  • Double diamonds

A diamond ring has always been in the trend. But have you ever thought about two or more than one diamond in a ring? The idea is simple. Two diamonds on one band, and while it communicates opulence, it also signifies the presence of two hearts! So, if you and your partner are delighted by this thought, the ‘double diamond’ idea is for you.

  • The color play!

Why go with the usual colors when you can get creative and colorful with your engagement rings. The ring, for instance, can feature a blue and white sapphire set on a yellow golden band! You can also put a twist in this by choosing your partner’s birthstone for the ring. This kind of an engagement ring would be aesthetic and eye-catching as well. 

  • Lining it up.

You can also play around the multi-diamond design, mentioned above. You can get your jeweler to place three diamond rings on a band, spaced smartly, giving out light and airy vibes! These types of engagement rings seem playful and are loved by the majority.

All in all, you must consider your partner’s choices, their interests and their personality, when it comes to buying an engagement ring.