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Buying Quality Batik Shirt Singapore Online At Anmako

Ever since I started looking for different clothing styles, I ventured into a number of clothing stores locally and online. Batik is a very traditional style of clothing that reflects a rich culture worn in ceremonies. Looking at batik clothing in Singapore gave me a different inspiration for my fashion statement and clothing style. As an enthusiast in clothing style, I always look for ways to break through the norms and expectations about how you present yourself with clothes. I wasn’t much of a fan of batik-style clothing, but I was intrigued by the potential of creating a new look. For me, wearing should be concerned about considering the details. Hence, I have my own standards and way of dressing. Thus, I searched online to find a store where I could buy a few pieces of batik-styled clothing. A friend of mine, who also happens to be enthusiastic about fashion and clothing, pointed me to Anmako. After making a few purchases, there are a lot of things I liked about buying from them:

High-Quality Textile Clothes
I was glad about the few purchases I had from Anmako. They made all of them in high quality. I did not expect much buying from a batik shop in Singapore since I did not set an impression yet about the product and their service. However, it has more than just typical clothing. The clothes were all well-dyed. The designs were also complex, especially if one looks at them closely in person. The pictures don’t do justice to the actual clothing item.

Practicality & Comfort

Not only do the clothes look impressive and stylish. They are also comfortable and practical to wear and look modest. However, they don’t look flashy—unlike other types of clothing, I own. Nevertheless, they still look vibrant and uncomplicated. But they are well-crafted! I was happy to wear one on the recent trip to Sentosa beach! It doesn’t feel too warm to wear.

Free Local Shipping
As much as I am a fan of stylish clothes, I also try to take advantage of free local shipping whenever possible. Whether buying a new polo shirt or cotton pyjamas in Singapore online, I always look for stores that offer discounted or free shipping. Choosing free local shipping helps me save more. Whenever I make purchases from Anmako, I don’t have to worry about running into costly shipping rates! The delivery is also fast, which makes ordering clothes less of a waiting game.


Unlike other clothing sellers or stores online, Anmako has its brick-and-mortar showroom. For me, it’s crucial to see and try the clothing myself, whether they’re worth buying or not. I always inspect the actual product, the way they feel on my skin, how they look and the quality of their fabric. Whenever I try buying clothes from Anmako, I know I can check them in their local showroom before ordering them. Nothing beats when you are confident with the clothing item you purchase! All in all, buying a batik shirt in Singapore was pleasant at Anmako. If you need batik-style apparel for your wardrobe, I recommend visiting Anmako’s website!