An Overview on Camera Straps

Choosing the right camera strap can be a challenging task from the array of options available. It is an essential item that all photographers must take into consideration before investing in one. There are different kinds of camera straps available in the market that work for various photographers. Here is a rundown of some of the camera straps that you can go through to have an idea what type would fulfill your requirements.

#1. Kit Neck Strap:The kit neck strap is the most popular camera strap that is available with every camera kit of the DSLR cameras. It is made from a sturdy synthetic material and showcases the ‘brand name’ of the camera on it.

#2. Artisan or Decorative Neck Strap:The decorative or the artisan neck strap is high in demand among those photographers who perform short shoots every now and then. These fancy custom camera straps are however not for those photographers who dofull day hard-core shooting. More durable camera straps are ideal for them.

#3. Sling Strap: The photographers who do full day shooting, a long-lasting camera strap like the sling strap is the best choice. Though these camera straps can withstand more stress, wear,and tear, their main disadvantage is that they are designed in a way that makes them swing around the hips and hence can bang into the other items and this can cause damage to the camera lens or the camera itself. The photographer needs to get adjusted to it before they invest in one. Otherwise, they need to look for other options like the shoulder strap or hand strap in which the camera remains fixed to a place without moving.

#4.Hand Strap: The best thing about the hand strap is that it takes the pressure off from the shoulders but the downside of this type of camera strap is that the photographer always needs to carry it in his/her hand.

#5. Wrist Strap: The wrist strap is ideal for those photographers who use light-weight or shoot cameras. The wrist strap can be used with a DSLR camera. It is sturdy, adjustable and can be secured on the photographer’s wrist.

#6. Double Camera Strap: The double camera strap is the ideal camera strap for the wedding photographers. These wedding hardcore photographers carry two cameras all day long for shooting. Hence, they need a sturdy camera strap that can withstand all that weight.

#7. Holster: If you want the camera to be tucked securely at one side for accessing it easily while getting all the weight off from the shoulders, the best type of camera strap to invest in is the holster style.

This is a roundup of the various camera straps available in the market and you must choose one according to your budget, requirement,and convenience.