A Simple Guide to Electric Scooter & Motorbike Maintenance

As with any other expensive investment, especially one which represents your passion for freedom and life on the open road as a motorbike or scooter does, the best way to keep it in tip-top condition is to conduct regular maintenance checks. 

Whether you have been a lifelong scooter enthusiast, or are fairly new to the world of motorbiking, then either way, this article is for you. Here is a simple guide to electric scooters and motorbike maintenance. 

The Tyres

One of the most important elements to check for your safety and the safety of other road users is the condition and quality of the tyres. The legal requirement for both motorbike and scooter tyres is, at the very least, 1.6mm, but for safety’s sake, it is advisable to replace a tyre when the tread falls below the 2mm mark. 

Your tyre pressure is also an important thing to monitor and depending on your make and model of motorbike or scooter, this will determine the optimum pressure. 

The Brakes

Perhaps the most crucial component of safe motorbiking centers around the brakes and brake pads

If your brake discs are showing signs of recess on the edges, or else there is deep and significant scoring across one or more discs, then it is important to have checked by a professional. Well-worn brake discs will mean your brakes will run hot, which will not only affect the overall efficiency of your brakes but also could cause an accident if neglected. 

The brake pads on your bike should be showing the groove indicating how much wear they currently have and the simple rule is that if the groove is no longer visible, they need replacing immediately. 

The Seat

Another component of your scooter or motorbike which needs regular inspection is the seat and you should pay attention to how durable the material and the basic structure are over time. 

Reputable expert suppliers like bmg scooters will be able to supply you will all the information you need to either upgrade or indeed, entirely replace, your current seat and can also help you with anything else you may need in the process. 

The Oil 

Keeping your motorbike clean is not just a matter of taking pride in the aesthetic appearance of your machine, but moreover, making sure that the engine and the internal systems of your bike are clean and running smoothly too.

Whether your scooter is a two-stroke model or not, you should be checking the oil level regularly, but in the case of this machine, it is advisable to check the level of oil every time you stop for gas. As motorbike and scooter engines only can hold a small amount of oil, any loss of oil, albeit through the smallest of cracks in the pipes, can be a dangerous and expensive thing to ignore. 

Also, if your scooter is water-cooled, then be sure to check that you have enough coolant in the tank too.