A Day in the Life of a Model

Models have an extremely difficult job that requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. It isn’t as glamorous as it looks from the outside.

They wake up early and usually have a workout session before they get ready for their day. They also make sure to eat a healthy breakfast and carry snacks with them in case they need energy on the go.

1. Wake up early

Models often start their day with some sort of workout. Depending on the day, this might include a run or yoga. Many claim to also take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning to help improve digestion and stabilise blood sugars.

They then have breakfast, which varies depending on if they’re working out that day and what type of workout they’ll be doing. A healthy and nutritious breakfast is essential for a model as they’ll be on the go all day.

Regardless of whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, the key to waking up early is consistency. Life and business coach Hal Elrod says it takes around seven days to establish a new habit of waking up at the same time each day.

2. Work out

Models need to maintain a healthy balance of exercise & nutrition. This is not easy as it requires a lot of time preparing meals, packing snacks and keeping track of their daily nutritional intake.

Many models enjoy doing various workouts such as yoga, pilates & resistance training to tone their muscles. Some models even work with a personal trainer to tailor their exercise routines.

Some models claim to work out up to twice a day leading up to an important event such as a runway show or photo shoot. But it’s important for models to have rest days so their muscles can recover and grow leaner. Models also like to get facials & massages on their days off as this helps ease sore muscles from all the workouts they do throughout the week. It also helps to keep their skin looking fresh & glowing.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

Models love to start the day with a healthy breakfast. This is especially important if they have an early workout session planned. Some models enjoy a large, fueling breakfast, while others like to keep it lighter and more nutritious.

Many models like to drink a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning as it is thought to help improve digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels. Other popular choices include eggs, yogurt, bananas, and leafy greens. Models also often eat whole foods and avoid processed food. However, they aren’t afraid to indulge in the occasional treat. Bella Hadid reportedly loves cheeseburgers, Taylor Hill is a fan of Chinese food, and Joan Smalls admits she enjoys macaroni and cheese. It is important to remember that high-fat foods can be a part of a healthy diet when eaten in moderation.

4. Prepare for the day

Models must be able to maintain composure during stressful situations and keep up with demanding schedules. They often have castings through their agency or brand interviews to attend.

They also may need to attend a photo shoot for a particular client. To prepare for a shoot, models usually get in touch with the photographer and makeup artist to discuss what they would like to see.

It is important that models keep up with their skincare routine, practice their poses and eat well. It is also important for models to bring a bottle of water to the shoot. Water helps flush out toxins and keeps skin and hair healthy. Lastly, a good night’s sleep is essential for models to look and feel their best. A well-rested model is a happy model!

5. Prepare for the shoot

Models must be prepared for their shoot day – they will usually prepare healthy meals and snacks beforehand so that they don’t have to rely on unhealthy food options on set. They may also do other tasks like removing body hair and getting manicures/pedicures to make sure their nails are neutral or nude (unless specified in the Call Sheet) to match any clothing they will be wearing.

Models should also drink plenty of water the week leading up to a shoot to help them stay hydrated and to avoid dehydration on set. Finally, they will check in with their agent and/or point of contact for the shoot to ensure that everything is on track. They will also review the call sheet and check for any last-minute changes or updates. They will also bring a few bottles of water with them on set.

6. Get ready for the shoot

Models are usually on a tight schedule, so it’s important to check in with their agent or point of contact the day before the shoot to make sure everything is still on track. This is also a great time to do a quick review of the call sheet and plan out their route.

Before the shoot, models will likely spend some time with a hair stylist and makeup artist to get ready. They may also have to meet with clothing designers or top photographers for fittings and meetings. Once they are ready, it’s time to hit the set! They will typically be asked to walk the runway and pose for photos. It is always good to have a photographer on hand to help guide them and provide feedback. Some photographers will even use a mood board to help guide them during the shoot.

7. Walk the runway

Models use a specific style of walking called the runway walk to present designer clothing on catwalks during fashion shows. This type of walking requires extensive training and practice, prompting many models to hire coaches and choreographers to help them perfect their technique.

Before a model goes on the runway, they may have to attend additional castings through their agency or brand interviews. They may also need to meet with a hair and makeup artist or top designers to try on new looks for their next shoot.

The goal is to deliver a natural, confident, and effortless stroll down the runway that sells the clothes without distracting from them. To do this, they must maintain a well-rounded healthy diet, and avoid food triggers in the days leading up to their appearance. They must also practice their expression to match the tone of the show.

8. Meet the photographer

When models work with a new photographer, they often arrange to meet them ahead of time to discuss the shoot details. This will help both parties ensure they are on the same page and can produce the best results possible.

For example, models might want to understand photo licensing, the estimated duration of the shoot and whether any crew members will be involved. They may also like to ask about the photographer’s safety protocols and post-production plans.

It is important for models to bring a non-intrusive friend on set with them, to make sure they are not being kidnapped. This is especially true if they are getting into a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them or someone they know. Taking a picture of the vehicle’s license plate and sending it to a trusted friend is a great idea.

9. Meet the designer

A model’s day can look very different depending on the type of work they have to do. But a typical day usually involves meetings and photoshoots, as well as strict diets and exercise regimens.

MEARS: Models can also have a casting, which is often done via polaroids and is where they meet clients to show them their walk and how they would look in a particular job. They may also have a client or designer interview, and they might see a hair and makeup artist or get a hair and makeup test done for a shoot.

Modeling can seem glamorous to onlookers, but it is a very demanding and challenging industry. NPR’s Ashley Mears and sociologist Neal Conan explore what it really takes to be a model in this week’s TALK OF THE NATION. Thank you for listening.

10. Meet the stylist

Many young girls aspire to be fashion models. But the glamorous images in glossy magazines mask an existence with little job security, intense criticism and lousy pay, if any. Author and sociologist Ashley Mears knows the model life firsthand and she joins us to share some of the nitty-gritty details.

She explains that models often have castings, or go-sees, through their agency and then have appointments with brands, hair and makeup artists, photographers and top designers. They also have meetings with their agencies and lawyers to sign contracts.

Dara Vujevic receives an email that she has a go-see with Gerlan Jeans, so she rushes downtown to meet the team. She tries on two looks and the designer agrees that her height makes her ideal for his “Gerl Power” presentation, part Minnie Mouse, part activist. Then they set to work on her hair and makeup.