7 things to keep in mind before buying a polo t-shirt

Wondering what is that piece of clothing for men that can be worn in summer season without any hassle? Polo t-shirt is that comfortable and versatile clothing that any man can own. Almost all the men out there must be having polo t-shirts of various brands. It is an ideal apparel to wear in summer and therefore all men have them in their closet. Whenever you have a doubt about what to wear, you can look up to polo t-shirts for help. They can be worn almost everywhere where you need to wear casuals.

If you are not quite sure about which points to look forward to when buying a polo t-shirt then this article is for you. Have a look at the different points that you should keep in mind before buying polo t-shirts online from the websites like,,,, etc.

Facets that you must look into before buying polo t-shirts

  1. Choose the length and the cut

Men who possess an athletic body should choose the polo t-shirt with short and tight fitted sleeves so as to show off their biceps. Also the length of the t-shirt could be shorter than the usual. If you have a lean physique, buy the t-shirt with loose sleeves. Normally go for the lengths which do not come below the back pockets of your trousers.

  1. Mind the size and fit

Choosing the polo tees of the right size and fit is quite important before you buy them. Confirm the right size whether in number or in terms of S, L, M, etc. before you decide to buy one. Most online companies provide a dropdown size chart. Use it to know your right size and fit.

  1. It should be of slim fit

Ideally speaking, polo t-shirts should be of slim fitting but not tight one. You can check this by sliding a finger between your skin and the sleeve. If you are able to do this then you are on the right track towards buying the t-shirt. If it is tighter than this then trust us it won’t look good on you.

  1. Shoulder width and sleeves too matter

The shoulder seam of the polo t-shirts should sit perfectly on your shoulder bone. Also the length of the sleeves should come down to about halfway to two thirds on the way to your biceps. If the sleeves are shorter than this then it will give a vintage look to you. Slim fitting sleeve length would be perfect for any occasion.

  1. Choose the material carefully

If you are buying polo t-shirts for corporate use or for uniforms of your employees working in a grocery store, then blended fabric will serve your purpose. The blended synthetic fabric is highly durable and stain resistant. If you are a sportsman and want to buy a polo t-shirt for athletics then you should go for performance polo tees. They are specially made to cater to the sweat odour and are light weight.

  1. Know the types of collars

You have to decide whether you want to go for soft collars or shirt collars. Soft collars are generally sloppy and their edges curl inside and do not remain in place. Shirt collars have an interlining which helps to keep them in place.

  1. Pocket or no pocket

While looking at the polo t-shirts online you’ll find that some brands feature a pocket and others do not. It is advisable to go for no pocket polo tees as the pockets generally sags down when used.

So the next time you start shopping for polo t-shirt keep the above-mentioned points in mind.