7 Air Purifier Filter Options Available at Singapore Stores

Every air purifier owner in Singapore should know that not all filters work the same. Each type has a specific function that caters to various needs. Here are the seven filters you can use on your air purifier.


Most health experts recommend using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. The filter can eliminate at least 99.97% of allergens and contaminants from the air. There are many HEPA capable air purifier options available in the Singapore market.

#2 Electrostatic

Electrostatic filters generate static electricity by using tiny cotton and paper fibres. It works as a magnet for dust and other airborne particles. The magnetism is powerful enough to prohibit these particles from dispersing throughout your home.

#3 Washable Filters

Washable filters are a more ecologically responsible approach to saving money on air purifier filter options in Singapore stores. This filter type for HVAC systems has a high initial cost, but it should be an investment that will endure for many years.

#4 Spun Glass

This sort of filter is the spinning together strands of fibreglass. It’s inexpensive, disposable, and keeps dirt out of air conditioners and furnaces. However, it is not an advisable option for persons who suffer from respiratory issues.

#5 UV

UV filters emit germicidal radiation when air passes through them. UV light destroys difficult contaminants such as mould and pathogens. Most portable air purifier options in Singapore use UV filters.

#6 Media

Media filters are excellent for removing germs and other microscopic particles from the air. The filter prevents filth from being released back into your house. Media filters are durable and cost-effective, requiring replacement just once or twice a year.

#7 Pleated

This filter uses cotton folds and polyester fabrics. They are excellent at filtering dust and other airborne contaminants but have a poor level of air filtration.

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