5 unique things you can create with Czech glass beads

5 unique things you can create with Czech glass beads

Though tiny in size, Czech glass beads have played a significant role across cultures for thousands of years. Small masterpieces, produced from natural means, Glass beads have been articles of embellishment, as well as function. They have signified power, spirituality, and wealth, been involved in ceremonies and rituals and adored as currency, opening doors for international trade development. With all the sizes, brands and colors of Glass beads on the marketplace today,

Beads prepared from glass come in all shapes, forms,sizes, colors and go through a dizzifying, vast array of manufacturing methods to produce a never-ending range of beads such as glass pearls, crystals beads, rivoli beads, 2 hole beads,cat-eye beads and much more. Jewellery making beads come in different types as well as sizes, and in lots of different materials. There are so many unique styles of beads to work and experiment with to create your own signature jewellery designs. 

Twin Beauty Bracelet:

What is the only article better than a dazzling, intricate 2 hole beaded bracelet? It is the one that is much easier to create than it seems. The twin beauty bangle will have everybody wondering that where you have bought it from.

African Net Collar Necklace:

The African netting beadwork creates a gorgeous lacy pattern of glass beads that looks delicate, however is, actually, very supple and strong.  The beadwork is an intricate knit of the beads that comes collectively in oblique lines forming the diamond shapes along with the peaks and the valleys at the end of every column. The necklace outline repeats the four column perpendicular netting design several times to make the necklace collar. As this kind of necklace might have invented in the African tribes, therefore it is named as African net. African netting beadwork could be made using an extensive variety of the glass beads. The end product of the collar might be somewhat different depending on the type of the beads that you pick. 

Rivoli Beaded Bezel:

The Rivoli beads are extremely beautiful, with the precise surface that comes to the middle point, reflecting an incredible array of striking colors. Although, this bead type of the crystal doesn’t have any hole to suspend it from, therefore it requires to be inlaying a bezel cup that you can find in the jewelry stores or you could create beaded bezel yourself.

Hair Accessories Using Glass Beads:

If you are looking for beautiful hair accessories then you could even create your own using different type of beads that are available in the market and on online stores as well. Using the glass beads, Rivoli beads and 2 hole beads you could make different and stylish head bands, embellish the hair pins and ponies and much more. The beads can be used with other materials like laces etc. to create a chic and stylish head band or you could just use some wire to make hair pins. You could find some brilliant ideas on internet to make your own hair accessories using glass beads, 2 hole beads and Rivoli beads.

Czech Glass Beads are an attractive, beautiful creation and they could be used to manufacture and create several other things like table mat etc.


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