5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Eyewear

Have you struggled with picking the correct eyewear for your face shape? Are you worrying if your eyeglasses won’t complement your attire for a venue? Better stop worrying because there is much eyewear you can choose from even if you don’t have perfect vision, like a contact lens and designer eyewear in Singapore.

You can still be fashionable and confident by using these tips when looking for your eyewear: 

1. Consider Your Face Shape 

There are seven face shapes: oval, round, oblong, heart, pear, diamond, and square. You must first identify your face shape to find designer eyewear to complement your overall appearance. For instance, people with oval face shapes are compatible with wide or walnut-shaped frames.

2. Match Your Skin Colour 

People are diverse with different skin colours. There are white, brown, tan, yellowish, dark skin, and for sure, there are glasses and contact lenses for everyone. You can wear a light coloured contact lens in Singapore if you have whiter skin while wearing something warmer if tan skin is better.

3. Your Lifestyle 

Are you an active person who likes hiking or perhaps wants to stay at home and watch movies? Depending on your lifestyle, you should look for eyewear to support your day to day life. You must avoid wearing designer eyewear because you might break them if you’re an active person. Instead, look for contact lenses online in Singapore to give you more freedom to move.

4. Eyewear Size 

You’ll probably wear your eyeglass for the whole day, so look for eyewear that doesn’t feel too heavy. Consider the material to measure the weight of your designer eyewear. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable wearing it.

5. Medical Needs 

Finally, it’s also essential to consider your medical needs when looking for eyewear. If you have nearsightedness, you can look for myopia control lenses in Singapore to correct your vision. In doing so, you’ll be more productive doing your job or schoolwork.

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