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4 Safety Precautions to Take while Your Child Plays with a Pedal Car

It’s said that the first car race took place right after the second car was manufactured and seemingly pedal cars came into existence right after that.

Karl Benz got an automotive patent in 1886 and the first toy pedal cars became available in the 1890s.

Another connection between the real cars and the toy pedal cars was that just like the real cars, the toy pedal were also spendy which meant they were bought by only well-to-do families for their kids.

However, in the 50s and 60s, when the middle class managed to gather some cash and their children mastered the art of whining, the popularity of pedal cars highly increased.

For almost 8 decades, pedal cars were constructed on wooden chassis with steel frames because of which they used to be durable, hardy and heavy.

Some of these cars can last even for decades and if you purchase a vintage pedal car for example in an auction, it’s absolutely usable.

However, in the 70s, toy makers began using easy and cheap plastic to manufacture pedal cars, along with everything else.

This ultimately gave rise to considerably lighter pedal cars. These were toys that could be easily maneuvered by little legs.

But this brings forth the safety issue. Pedal cars are extremely safe indeed. You can get a variety of them at Most toy makers suggest that peddlers should be 3 to 5 years old.

Any child with legs long and strong enough (together with cognitive development to avoid running into trees or others) can play with pedal cars.

And if your kid can pedal and steer simultaneously, it’s an incentive. Pedal cars entertain your kid in the old style, with no battery (so, no electricity) and they have also a low centre of gravity.

However, you should consider the safety issue and a possibility of injuries and lawsuits. So, while purchasing pedal cars for kids at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop you should remember some basic safety tips.

1. Never Let Your Child Use it on a Real Road

Firstly, let’s consider what is obvious – that a pedal car is not a car in fact and it should never be ‘driven’ on a real road.

It’s actually a small car with a small child in it. Not even a motorist in a small for-two car will be able to see a pedal car and that increases the possibility of an accident.

2. Understand Brakes of a Pedal Car

You must also know that the “brakes” are straightaway toy things. There is no bottom to a pedal car or in other words the bottom is wide open, and the kid uses brakes only by putting her feet down.

But obviously, you should make your kid wear shoes with rubber soles having an excellent grip for safe braking and not leave him barefoot.

3. Not Too Fast

If a pedal car is pushed very fast or starts flying down a hill, its wheels move the pedals much faster than being able to be managed by the kid’s legs.

Those pedals can wind your kid’s silk scarf, shoelaces or any other dangly things in themselves. Even they can hurt her shins badly.

So, it’s better to keep the pedal car on flat surfaces. Don’t even try to fasten it to your truck’s bumper. Let her go at a nice, slow speed that is right for a preschooler.

4. Possibility of Accidents

If you are too scared of pedal car accidents, note that kids that are admitted to hospitals due to accidents while playing contain a lot more bikers than pedal car riders.

Teaching your kid proper hand signals for turning and stopping and taking the above-mentioned precautions will ensure his safety; so, you can stop worrying.