3 Ways to Sell Aromatherapy and Diffuser Oil as a Business


Ecommerce sales skyrocketed when the pandemic began. In addition, essential oils became more popular since they can help alleviate stress, feel relaxed and freshen indoor air. If you are looking into selling essential and aromatherapy oil in Singapore, here are three methods you can try.

#1 Add-on to an Existing Business

Essential oils are a perfect fit for other firms that specialise in health and beauty. Spas, beauty supply stores, yoga studios, and medspas are great options. 

Some own an aroma business and create diffuser oil lines. Find firms in the said fields and talk to the owner about collaborating or selling your products in their stores or shops. 

This process can also be vice versa. If you have a health and beauty shop, contact the owner of a diffuser oil business. Ask them if you can sell their products in your shop. You can also turn to ecommerce warehouse fulfillment services as an option.

#2 Provide Drop-Ship Services

Starting an ecommerce business allows you to work from home. It also allows you to ship things straight to customers. Working with a warehousing and fulfillment services business will let you concentrate on growing your brand and online presence. They will manage day-to-day orders and inventory for you.

Owners can reduce start-up costs since they don’t have to invest capital, acquire inventory or establish a location. Furthermore, order fulfillment does not rely on facility sizes or the personnel required to send out an order. Drop-shipping also reduces overhead retail management while providing broad product offerings.

#3 Combination of ecommerce and Pop-Up

A pop-up store is a business that does not have a permanent location. You can set up shop at a specific site to market your brand or product. Set up a stall in a yoga studio, coffee shop, or other physical venues to sell your items and teach people about essential oils and other products.

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