10 tips on how to find the perfect watch

Inevitably you have already asked yourself questions such as: “Which is the perfect watch for me?”, “Which watch should I buy?” Or “Does a sports watch or an elegant watch suits me better?”. We have created a 10-step plan on how to find your perfect watch model.

Tip #1:

If you’re new to the world of watches, visit online communities and find out there. But do not ask the members: “Which clock should I buy?”. Since the community members do not know you, they’re probably wrong about their advice. Instead, ask specific questions to expand your knowledge. The following guidelines give you an idea of ​​what you should specifically ask for. Importantly, keep in mind, however, that the answers to any online community can be one-sided. Very active forum members may have strong ties to individual brands. And keep in mind, websites that are all about a specific watch manufacturer are also mostly visited by fans of the brand.

Tip #2:

Create a list of the features and properties you expect from a watch, prioritize them, and look specifically for models that meet your needs. Think carefully about the features. Will you go into the water with your watch? Does readability in the dark play an important role? Do you need a special complication? Would you like a big date for better readability? If you want to swap the bands, do you need standard lugs? Is design more important to you than good readability? What about the service costs?

Tip #3:

The more time you invest in search, the happier you will end up. Avoid impulse buying and be methodical.

Tip #4:

Do not buy a watch just because you think it pleases or impresses other people. Tastes are different, so you should only pay attention to what’s important to you.

Tip #5:

If you see a clock that appeals to you on the Internet or in an ad, then pick it up. Search for several photos and above all live pictures of this watch. Often the wristwatches look very different from professional photographs. Look at the collected images every day or even better several times a day. Create a ranking of your favourites. If a watch comes first for a while, it may be the winner. At the same time, you also notice what you may not like about a timepiece and then delete the model from your list.

Tip #6:

Try to set as precisely as possible the two or three characteristics of a watch that you like. Do not just say that it looks good, but be specific. As soon as you succeed, you can search specifically comparison models with only those properties.

Tip #7:

Take your time with your search. Nothing is worse than buying a watch and discovering a model that suits you better next week. Once you have made a choice, contact watch professionals in watch forums and ask for their opinion. Ask for similar models that you can recommend. In this regard, advice from others may prove very useful.

Tip #8:

Wear the watch before buying! And compare the feel of as many models as possible. Many watches are completely different than you think. Some watches may be too big, too small or too heavy for you. If you like a watch online, look for a shop that has the selected timepiece in the assortment and try it there. If you would like to order a watch online that you did not wear before, make sure that you can easily return the watch if necessary.

Tip #9:

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When you try on a watch model, pay close attention to how it feels. Ideally, you will notice immediately if you have found the “one” clock. But wear the Chosen over a long period of time and do not strike right after or during the first “date.”

Tip #10:

Once you have decided, consider a few more days. Imagine, you have already bought the clock and your search is over. So all the other watches that stood for election are out of the race. Are you still happy with your decision?

Finding the perfect watch is not easy. Finding the right one is part of the pleasure, and the right choice can bring joy over many years.