Three Types of Fashionable Rings That Are Popular for Any Style

Three Types of Fashionable Rings That Are Popular for Any Style

If your outfit looks a little boring, or your manicure could use extra bling, the easiest way to up your appearance is with a beautiful ring.

These simple, classic jewelry staples aren’t just to symbolize a marriage. There are plenty of fashionable rings you can invest in to help take your outfits to the next level.

Not sure what some of the best rings you can invest in to help your collection grow? Be sure to keep reading to learn about the different fashion rings you should look into.

1. Stackable

One of the easiest ways to create visual interest and add a fun sparkle to your fingers, stackable rings are super easy to wear and style.

These rings are typically sold in sets and can be worn together – in a stack – or separately. With so many styles to choose from, like braided bands, gemstones, or

When wearing stacked rings, you’ll want to wear an odd number. You should layer in threes, so as not to create too much balance. However, you can offset the rings, like wearing one ring on your middle finger and two on your pointer.

2. Class Rings

A class ring is one of the most unique fashion rings, as they are completely customized to your schooling experience! Whether it’s your high school or collegiate ring, this piece will have you feeling smart and stylish.

With so many unique class ring designs to choose from, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece in your collection! These never go out of style and will remind you of your time spent in academia.

You can have them adorned with a gemstone the same color as your school colors, the mascot, or any activities and clubs you were a part of.

3. Statement

If you’re looking for a way to stand out, wearing a statement ring is a great way to use jewelry to dazzle. You can wear this ring on any finger, but many prefer the middle finger as it sits in the middle of your hand.

A great statement piece, a signet ring features a strong, square shape on the top, engraved with a crest or symbol. These tend to look more like old-fashioned rings, making them perfect for those with a classic style.

If you’re going to a fancy party, you can highlight your outfit with a stunning cocktail ring. With so many shapes, colors, and styles to choose from, cocktail rings are one of the best fashion rings for women.

Fashionable Rings to Add to Your Collection

One of the easiest rings to wear due to its simple shape, you’ll be able to accentuate your outfit, manicure, or bracelets easily.

Remember, your rings are an investment! Be sure to properly store them and clean them frequently to keep them sparkling.

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